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Monday, May 18, 2009

Internet Explorer 8 is Here

The much anticipated Internet Explorer version 8 has been released. However, the hype may be short lived, because there seems to be quite a few compatibility issues with this new Microsoft concoction.

The Good
IE 8 features a very nice developer console that reminds me of Google Chrome. IE 8 also features an IE 7 mode/compatibility mode, which is a nice tool for assessing cross browser compatibility.

The Bad
I am noticing some issues when using .png image formats as click-able elements and as transparent overlays. Also, a lot of our beloved scripts such as lightbox don't appear to work perfectly in this new browser, but I imagine these bugs will be resolved in the near future.

The Ugly
Overall, the browser looks pretty solid. However, it's extremely disappointing to see blatant cross browser compatibility issues.