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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Google Chrome Updated

Today, Google announced some upgrades to its Web browser, Chrome, which originally was released about 8 months ago. Here are some improvements stated on the Google Chrome Blog:
Improved New Tab Page: The most requested feature from users was the ability to remove thumbnails from the "new page tab".

Full Screen Mode: Now you can hide the title bar and the rest of the browser window by hitting F11 or selecting the option in the Tools menu.

Form Autofill: Filling out your information in forms over and over again can be tedious. Form Auto fill helps by showing information you've previously entered into the same form fields automatically.
Increased Stability: Google Chrome is more stable than ever, we have fixed over 300 bugs that caused crashes since launch.

Increased Speed:Thanks to a new version of WebKit and an update to our JavaScript engine, V8, interactive web pages will run even faster.